How to replace the Serpentine Belt on a 2001 Lincoln Continental


Tools and Parts:

An Original Equipment Motorcraft Belt (better choice) or a Dayco p/n 5060755 Serpentine Belt

Very Long Thin Flat Blade Screw Driver

Drop Light


* Pliers

** 27115 Serpentine Belt Tool or 3/8 Breaker Bar (18" or longer)



** Use the longer and thinner 27115 belt tool instead of a 3/8 breaker bar

You do not need to remove anything except the belt and 1 clip to do this job

There is little space to work, so take your time to avoid injury.

Let the engine cool down before beginning.


Step By Step:

1) Study the belt route shown here:

2) Insert the Serpentine Belt Tool into the 3/8 square opening on the belt tensioning system and rotate clockwise about 1/8 turn.

3) While holding the tool clockwise(to your right), remove the belt from the top pulley.

Then, SLOWLY allow the serpentine belt tool to rotate counter clockwise and rest against the left side of the engine compartment.


4) Find the clip in the wheel well (towards the lower front) which holds the belt cover plate.

Remove the center pin of the clip and then the clip will come out.

(you should be able to remove the pin with your fingers by slowly pulling,* use pliers if needed)

No need to remove the tire! You will have good access to the belt.


Here comes the part that may give you trouble (because you can't see what you are doing)!

5) The belt comes off by pulling the belt toward you, EXCEPT, for the tensioning pulley.

The belt comes off the tensioning pulley by pushing the belt toward the motor.

6) You will now have to move the belt over the Serpentine belt tool to remove it (and to install it).

7) Use the routing diagram above, install the new belt and remove the 27115 Belt Tool.

8) Replace the wheel well clip and insert the pin and that is it (Wash your hands).

I wish I had this guide when I did it!



I hope you help others just as this has helped you.


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